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tv   New Day  CNN  February 28, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PST

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carpet in hollywood where they are bracing for rain on this oscar weekend. the performance everyone is talking about? the president and vice president racing through the white house. your "new day" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "new day." it's friday, february 28th, 6:00 in the east. right now, 150,000 russian troops are conducting what's called military exercises here the ukraine border. hundreds of fighter jets and tanks seemingly poised to take action. we keep hearing there's no real chance russia will ignore u.s. calls to stand down, but this looks troubling. military personnel taken up at the ukrainian airport. ukraine's fugitive president has
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shown up still claiming he is russia's leader. we're bringing you the coverage of what could be a developing crisis beginning with phil black live in kiev. >> reporter: some of those gunmen skrouurrounding that air look like myly sha. that's why they are calling this an invasion. overnight, dozens of armed pro russian forces seized control of the international airport and military arpt in the crimea region. they took over a government building yesterday and raised the russian flag. their fugitive president is expected to emerge from the shadows. a week after being ousted,
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reports the humiliated leader will hold a news conference in russia. likely to anger the demonstrate stray tors against the new government. on thursday, yanukovych told russian news agencies that the parliament's activity is illegitimate. voted into the seat of prime minist minister. >> we'll do everything and use all legal means to stabilize the situation in crimea. >> reporter: he's concerned about images like these. crimea remains the last stronghold of opposition to the new leadership of the ukraine. representing a country divided where many in the west want to increase ties with europe, while some in the east want to rejoin
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russia. just over the border, russia continues to ratchet up their military exercises positions fighter jets and deploying armored personnel carriers. >> i expect russia to be transparent about these activities and i urge them to not take any steps that could be misinterpreted. >> reporter: those russian military exercises across the border in russia now include 80 combat helicopters flying along next to the ukrainian governor. there's no confirmation from the russian government that it is connected to the crisis in the ukraine. >> it's setting off on intense round of phone calls. let's talk more about what this all means with our international correspondent from our moscow bureau and barbara star live in
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washington. now, we have confusion at the airport in one region in ukraine. you have russia conducting military exercises on the border there. i want to know what your take is on what you think -- did we lose fred? we lost him for one second. barbara, let me get your take on what is really unfolding from the u.s. perspective over there. >> i think that what the u.s. is worried about right now may not be the full-scale russian invasion. nobody really thinks at this point that's what's going to happen. but are we seeing this morning at the airport and other areas, the emergence of the actual russian strategy. small incursions, if you will, small areas like airports where russian-backed, russian supported militia or troops go in and take control. if they are supported by moscow,
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vladimir putin clearly exercises his influence in this region. what does the u.s. do about it? there's no possibility at this point of u.s. military or nato military action. if you don't have an invasion and you have this drip, drip, drip, if you will, then what do you do about it? >> what kind of assistance can the u.s. provide? we know that vice president biden smoke with the interim prime minister expressing u.s. support. but what additional assistance could the u.s. offer at this point in. >> right now, what the u.s. is looking for is economic and financial assistance to this emerging government in ukraine. many other countries in europe as well looking to what they can economically and financially do to support them.
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>> fred, i was talking to barbara about what this looks like from the u.s. perspective. from your perspective in moscow, you have confusion at the airport and military exercises going on at the border. you have the u.s. and the ukraine saying russia, you do not need to be getting involved. is this russia blatantly ignoring the warnings? >> i wouldn't say they're ignoring the warnings. i think it's russia flexing its muscles. they're trying to show the world that they have the power if they wanted to to significantly influence the events that are going on in that part of ukraine. on the other hand, i also think it's absolutely unbelievable that these forces down there on the ground in crimea would be doing that if they didn't at least have the consent of russia. i've been down in that region the last couple days, you can
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see the leaders there very carefully monitoring their moves. they least have russia's consent to do all of these things. a lot of that is domestic consumption. vladimir putin is walking a very, very fine line. there's a lot of people in this country who want him to take very tough action. >> and a lot developing just this morning. we're going to have to keep close eyes on all of this thought the day. when it comes to the weather, we both know how lousy it has been. but there is renewed danger across the northeast. a 6-year-old in minnesota lost her life from exposure in this latest arctic chill. now, more snow on the way next week. let's get to indra petersons with the latest. >> looks like these deadly
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windchills this morning are not just a story for the upper midwest anymore. it's spread all the way even into the northeast where windchills this morning make it feel like it's below zero. unfortunately, this cold air is expected to last and another winter storm is expected on the way. the cold that won't let up just got even colder. across the midwest, this was the scene, temperatures tumbling with windchill to 30 below. in wisconsin, a new record, 49 days below zero. the cold turned deadly with frinld temperatures -- frigid temperatures claiming the life of a young girl. >> we are developing a timeline as to when the child was last seen and how long the child was exposed to the elements. >> the national weather service says winds are expected to be 20 degrees below zero. detroit has been particularly
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hard hit this season with the motor city getting more than 79 inches of snow. and in new york city this morning, temperatures already below zero with windchill and they're expected to be a good 20 below average by the afternoon. and all of this cold, it's not going anywhere fast. it's here well into next week. here's what we're expecting through the afternoon today. temperatures expected to be below freezing in the northeast. this cold arctic air is not even a head line story today. it's this huge low. the biggest storm california has seen in three years on top of the biggest drought they've ever seen. once this exits out of california, it is expected to be a huge snowstorm affecting the ohio valley and the northeast. right now, one of the models bringing most of it towards new york. that does mean a concern out towards l.a. for the oscars as well. on sunday, still some showers on
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the red carpet. let's head out west, actually. parts of california is now getting drenched. much of the state expected to get hammered over the next couple days with heavy rain and snow that could spell disaster in the foothills of los angeles. our michaela pereira went out to cover the oscars but now she's pulling double duty and watching the storm. >> reporter: i thought i'd come home to california and get of sun. i might have to weight for that. this is considered the worse drought in modern california history. a lot of people are playing for rain, hoping it comes. but too much of a good thing in some areas is a real concern. now some folks are being put on high alert. officials and residents on high alert overnight as the latest pacific storm system threatens to wreak havoc on the west
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coast, dumping as much as 6 inches of rain and 8 inches up in the mountains. experts say the dil luj may bring disastrous floods and mud slides. >> we strongly recommend that they he'd the warnings of the expert. >> reporter: the fires that burned out the trees here left the land vulnerable. residents are hoping that their prep work will payoff and protect their homes. the driest parts of california will need over 15 inches of rain to bounce back from the devastating drought. but too much all at once could be disastrous. this semi lost control thursday night on interstate 210, the rain already causing a nightmare on the roads. it's also putting a damper on oscar preparations. but it's expected to move out in time for stars to hit the red
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carpet sunday night. back here live, look, right now not such a glamorous hour on hollywood boulevard. a lot of folks behind us trying to keep this red carpet, 600 feet of it dry. you can hear it over the live shot location here, just pounding down. you see the guys with the polls? they are trying to get that sitting water up off the tent so we don't have a collapse. they are doing what they can so dry it out when they walk down on sunday. they installed special gutters we're told. it's all covered in plastic. i'm standing on plastic right now. organizers are saying they are hoping for sun and clear skies on sunday, not to contradict our indra petersons.
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there is this system, it's a little bit unstable. we don't know how long it's going to stay in the area. the bewitching hour is on saturday night. they have to make a decision then if they pull the tents down. if they think there's just a chance of showers, they'll leave the tents up. if the sun comes out, it kind of makes a greenhouse effect in here and that's going to be funky. and that's an official weather term, chris and kate. i didn't know if you knew that. >> i didn't know that either. all they can do to keep that carpet dry. they already had a problem with a soggy bit of carpet at the golden globes i remember. >> soggy carpet, bad. it is a real concern. and i'm joking with some of our crew here that we need our sunscreen because you know it's sunny california. don't need that today. tomorrow maybe. >> keep it alive. >> swapping for an umbrella and
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obviously the oscars. it's too bad they can't collect some of this water because the drought will remain after the flood threats. here's what you need to pay attention to today beginning with deciding when to pull coalition troops out of afghanistan. th nato and the u.s. military are weighing two options. waiting for karzai to leave office or a plan for a complete withdrawal by december. the out going director of the nsa is suggesting the agency could make do with less phone data collection. he said it's essential to collect domestic data, but the same can't be said for all calls. he has forcefully defended the data collection since it was leaked by edward snowden. darren sharper now facing rape charges in a second state, louisiana. he turned himself into the lapd.
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he's pleaded guilty to drugging and raping two women. he's been investigated in three other states. the clinton library is preparing to release 33,000 pages of previously confidential records from bill clinton's presidency. the first four to 5,000 are set to go online this afternoon. the rest will be released over the next two weeks. all right. i know it's busy in the morning, but you need to pay attention to this. do you remember this moment? we're going to play it now. in is at the state of the union. they say could be the longest standing ovation in history. sergeant cory remsberg. yesterday, we told you the story of his amazing recovery.
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we all say we support the troops, right? at that state of the union, the left and the right, they stood up and cheered. remember how they said they were united by him. here is the real deal. yesterday, the senate took up a bill for veterans like cory, $21 billion brought by independent bernie sanders. it was planned to improve veterans' access to health care. all things both parties say they should have. should have sailed through, right? senate republicans however tried to tack on additional sanctions against iran on the bill. have something to do with the bill. something democrats won't agree on. what happens on the other side? typical washington fashion. the republicans claim democrats were needlessly shutting them out of the process, steal
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fwlorry, try to -- glory, try to own the issue. they had to beg for the gridlock to end. >> please do not inject extraneous issues in here for totally political reasons. i think that is just unfair to the veterans of this country. >> and that is exactly what they did. so you know what happened? nothing. the bill did not have the votes it needed to get through. remember that when you hear the men and women in d.c. say they care about the troops, remember about what just happened here. you love taking to social media, right? complain about this. let your voice be heard. what happened on this bill is a mistake. it can be corrected. we'll keep telling you the story all morning long and follow it through. still ahead on "new day," a rare emotional president obama. he's talking about growing up without a father, his experience with drugs even, and also why the state of race in america
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welcome back to "new day." the president, like you've rarely seen him, opening up about his childhood in an emotional message to young minority men talking candidly about his father and the fears he has for the next generation of african-american men. we have more on the president's new initiative to help some of these young men. no one really expected to hear the president this way. >> that's right, kate. the president has being criticized for years for not
3:22 am
introducing targeted efforts to help deal with some of the problems in the black community in particular. with this, he answers those critics. >> i can see myself in these young men. and the only difference is that i grew up in an environment that was a little bit more forgiving. when i was their age, i was a lot like them. i didn't have ad in the house. and i was angry about it even though i didn't necessarily realize it at the time. i made bad choices. i got high without always thinking about the harm that it could do. groups that have had the odds stacked against them in unique ways that require unique solutions. groups who've seen fewer opportunities that have spanned generations. the worst part is that we become
3:23 am
numb to these statistics. we're not surprised by them. we take them as the norm. we just assume this is an inevitable part of american life instead of the outrage that it is. [ applause ] >> and i -- and i believe the continuing struggles of so many boys and young men, the fact that too many of them are falling by the way side, dropping out, unemployed, involved in negative behavior, being pro filed. so we need to change the statistics. not just for the sake of the young men and boys, but for the sake of america's future. and that's -- that's why in the aftermath of the trayvon martin verdict, with all the emotions and controversy that it sparked, i spoke about the need to
3:24 am
bolster and reenforce our young people. >> we've heard, athena, him speak of his childhood before. but we do not often hear the president open us so candidly and in personal terms to try to push this message. >> reporter: that's exactly right. it's not unusual to hear the president talk about race. he talked about race during the speech in the 2008 campaign. he got a lot of attention during the trayvon martin case. it is unusual to hear him speak so movingly about the problems facing young men of color and speak so personally about his own personal upbringing. he talked about how he would get second chances, third chances, not give up on him. and i should mention, someone in the white house said that the president was more emotional than many of the event's
3:25 am
planners expected. you could tell that he was driven by emotion during that speech. i should say this isn't just a speech. it was a big event launching a big problem with a lot of money behind it. and the president said that this is an important an issue as he's worked on in his entire administration. >> let's hope that emotion and money is a call to action and actually does something. it's one thing to have a press avail. it's another thing to cause and help change these young men's lives. great to see you. thanks so much. >> coming up on "new day," new explosive allegations in the chris christie investigation. we're going to tell you what new documents say and what else we may find out this morning. also, why the president and vice president taking a jog or are they on the run. who's chasing them? pick it up. pep in your step. [ intercom ] drivers, to your marks.
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then fuel up with up to 9,000 hhonors bonus points on a long weekend stay. make every stay more rewarding and feel the hamptonality. introducing cardioviva: the first probiotic to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels without a prescription. cardioviva. welcome back to "new day." here are the big things to watch this morning. armed gunmen in southern ukraine have taken position outside on airport in crimea. flights appear to be operating normally, but the question is, who are they. have the russian military moved in. right now 150,000 russian troops are assembled near the border. they say they are in previously
3:30 am
planned military exercises. the question is, have they already ignored the u.s. warning. and back here in the u.s., mud slide fears grip parts of california. people are now evacuated from a thousand homes threatened in the foothills of east los angeles. torrential rains raising the risk of mud slides. meantime, subzero cold in the midwest turned deadly. a 6-year-old girl was found dead from exposure at her apartment complex. now to bridgegate uncensored. new documents said to show what's going on inside the administration during the payback scandal. today we're going to hear 911 callsment but it's what that aide said about a prominent ra buy that's now raising eyebrows.
3:31 am
>> sure, we've all heard the one about the rabai, that walks into the bar, but chris christie joked about making a prominent new jersey rabaii the victim of bridge delays. it's by the top aides. wildstein sends kelli a picture of a rabi with speaker john boehner. wildstein responds, fights to tel-aviv all mysteriously delayed. he is prominent in new jersey. it's not clear from the text while wildstein was anowed with him. we were unable to reach him for comment, but sources tell cnn he
3:32 am
is not involved in the lane closures. the new documents do not directly tie christie to the bridgegate scandal. >> we're going through an internal investigation. all this stuff will come out during the appropriate period of time. and i'm not going to give into the hysteria of questions that are given by folks who have information today that i didn't have at the time. >> the newly released texts and e-mails come from the state legislative committee investigating the bridge lane closures. the new exchange is important because it came august 19th, six days after kelly's infamous e-mail to wildstein, time for some traffic problems in fort lee. >> what the community's trying to understand is how did bridget
3:33 am
kelly some to believe she had this. >> it shows wildstein was on the bridge the first day of the lane closures. it also provides a glipgs into how the key players handled the scandal. one person texted wildstein and asked, are we being fired. >> thank you very much for that. are you watching us at the gym this morning? if you are or are not, we have video for you that has just released. the first lady's campaign seems to have rubbed off a bit, even on her husband. >> let's move. >> and they're moving. president obama and vice president joe biden made this white house workout video as part of michelle obama's fitness
3:34 am
push. a little jogging, a little stretching, a little monday night football -- i like that -- then a little hydrating. when do you find time to shoot something like this when you're running a country? i say him at an event once. he had his sleeves rolled up. he's got some gun sfwls yeah. >> yeah. i think the man could work out. >> i'm sure he could take me. >> i would not challenge him. he also comes with a secret service. >> you remember the scene in rocky when rocky is trying to keep up with apollo creed? they should have had them doing all that. moving up and one of them pulls up with a ham spring. >> i love that you still say ham spring like a 12-year-old. >> it's good to see them having
3:35 am
some fun. coming up on "new day," you think your web cam is safe, right? well, think again, turns out british intelligence and the nsa were spying on hundreds of thousands of people through them. and wichita state's basketball team is one one away from going undefeated. the amazing story of a team on the brink of perfection. i'm tony siragusa and i'm training guys who leak a little,
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at what price safety is being asked in angry tones this morning because britain's top
3:39 am
spy agency is under suspicion. guess who is expected of -- suspected of helping them out with this, the nsa. >> if you've ever wondered whether big brother was watching you over your web cam, this new document from edward snowden indicates the answer is maybe. it's hitting a nerve with people whose images from private web cam chats may have been captured and saved by british intelligence agents. imagine learning that someone was watching through your web cam during intimate online conversations with family and friends. british intel jeps worked in -- intelligence worked in tandem with the nsa. >> the structure of these programs is such that they
3:40 am
collect lots of data in bulk. the idea is that on the front end, you just collect a lot and worry about what you need later. >> part of the program dubbed, operation optic nerve, collected web cam images from anonnous users from 2008 to 2010, reportedly saving one screen grab every five minutes. they say a large part of the images are sexually explicit. >> as anyone who's used the internet for more than five minutes will know, there's quite a lot of pornography on it. >> the guardian says imaging of many innocent british and american citizens could have been collected and stored in the operation. >> there's a great potential that american citizens web cam data has been intercepted under this program, because gchq does
3:41 am
not preselect out the images before it collects it. >> the nsa says it does not ask foreign partners to collect intelligence the agency could not legally collect itself. they say they were completely unaware of the collection. and tell cnn it's completely unacceptable. >> and gchg has had little to say about the latest revelation. >> pamela, thank sos much. >> what that law is, though, becomes the problem and how they stretch it. this is one to follow. another thing we're following really closely is the bitter cold that just continues and is slamming the northeast and what would be record breaking lows. what are you loorking at now -- looking at now?
3:42 am
>> take a look at how close we are to the records this morning. still expected to cool here in the next several hours. that is the concern. this cold air has spilled into the northeast. even by the afternoon, temperatures will be about 20 below average. and it's not even the big story. what is going on? california. talking about a drought. the highest drought category they have and now they're expecting the biggest rainstorm they've seen in three years. the flooding and debris flow concern is extremely high with this storm. storm's going to effect a lot of us. it's going to make its way across the country. whether it hits new york city or d.c. gets the bulls eye, that's something we're going to have to watch. it lasts. by next week, a reinforcing burst of cold air is expected to be in place.
3:43 am
of course, oscar sunday, yes, the showers must be gone before 10:00 a.m. a big story there as well. >> that's a new word. reinforcing cold. >> i think we got a lot of them at this point. they're living up to their names. wichita state's shockers. they have played 30 games and won all of them. just one more to go to make it a perfect season. we'll tell you who they're up against. hey guys! sorry we're late. did you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life.
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i used to love this song. welcome back to "new day." march madness just around the corner, but we have the drama right now. wichita state, the shockers the only remaining team unbeaten in basketball. to stay perfect, they have to beat one of their toughest opponents. what do they have to do, joe? >> they've got to win saturday's game first off. if you go back to last year's final four teams, syracuse, michigan, louisville. wichita state was in the final four last year. they're new to that conversation. this year's team, they're no cinderel cinderella. they seem to be enjoying their label as a favorite to win it all. the chase for perfection barrels on as the little team that could, the wichita state
3:48 am
shockers, attempt to make their houston undefeated. >> it's just another notch for us to go grab and that's what we're trying to do. >> they're looking for their 31st straight win as they go head to head against the ohio state bears in their final game of the regular season this saturday. the shockers are the last unbeaten team in major college basketball. no team has won the first three games of the season in 30 years. they have been on a tear dating back to last year's tournament where they were an unlikely final hour participant. now, they're in line for a coveted number one seed. >> we've got a bunch of hungry guys anyway. >> the excitement is pull panel on wichita state's campus. >> everyone's talking about basketball.
3:49 am
it's just really exciting. >> it's a different kind of energy. it has the town live and ready. >> now the question on everyone's mind, can wichita state go all the way. >> no one would ever in their right mind say we're going to be at 30-0 at some point this season. >> the basketball team is clearly successful, but the university itself is feeling what they call the final four effect. according to the school's president, applications for enrollment are up 86% from last year. we saw the same thing happen to butler a few years back. it's a good time to be a shockers fan because the women's team is also doing very well. >> that's impressive. you clearly haven't been watching the show this morning. >> my fault. >> i do love you, though. it's okay. >> they have this guy on this team that has a ridiculous
3:50 am
vertical. there she is waving at us out there in hollywood. on the red carpet which she is well suited to be on. >> you're the small guard. >> i wasn't a super small guard because of my girth, but i was a small guard. we've been talking about the rain, but the whole reason we're out here in california is talk about the oscars. one person to watch, sandra bullock. her bank account is blasting into space. the "gravity" star stands to win tens of millions of dollars for the film. it's not just for her acting. sandra bullock earned a lot more for her oscar nod for her performance in gravity. her payday for the film is out of this world. she could make more than $70 million for her starring role.
3:51 am
receiving 50 more in a backup deal. >> i had probably one of the best filming experiences i've ever had. >> you're not going anywhere. >> it's not up to you. >> that money didn't come easily. bullock spent hours a day inside a giant mechanical rig. she's not the first star to score an astronomical paycheck. john johnny depp got a fortune for the pirates of the caribbean. no wonder downey topped forbes magazine's latest list of highest paid actors. all right. so sandra bullock faces some tough competition in that best
3:52 am
actress field. she's up against amy adams, judy dench and meryl streep. the film she's in, gravity, has a total of ten nominations. of course, it's up for best picture and also its director is nominated. they say it's a three-way race between gravity, american hustle and 12 years a slave. we won't know until those magic envelopes are opened sunday night. it just downpoured incredibly. i can't even tell you how much rain is falling from the sky right now. we're watching it. everyone's excited. >> the show must go on. i thought that was a round of applause behind you. >> i know that's a little bit of a tent, but it does sound like there's a hurricane going on around you. >> reporter: no wind but there's a lot of water coming from the
3:53 am
sky. >> throw on the cnn extreme weather jacket just in case. >> matching red probably. thanks. >> coming up on "new day," the latest on the crisis in ukraine. thousands of russian troops positioned right now along the ukraine border. all eyes on vladimir putin. will russia respect ukraine's sovereignty or is an invasion eminent. the latest. so we're up early. up late. thinking up game-changing ideas, like this: dozens of tax free zones across new york state. move here. expand here. or start a new business here... and pay no taxes for 10 years. with new jobs, new opportunities and a new tax free plan. there's only one way for your business to go. up. find out if your business can qualify at [ car alarm chirps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify
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3:56 am
good morning. welcome back to "new day." it's friday, february 28th, 7:00 in the east. and we're going to start with our news plast. it's the most news you can get
3:57 am
anywhere. there's a lot to talk about today. >> overnight, dozens of armed russian forces seized control of the international airport. >> it is always is concern when temperatures dip like this. >> it's dangerous. >> we strongly recommend that they heed the warnings of the experts. >> my message is no excuses. >> if he's going to arrest me, arrest me. i have done nothing wrong. >> i would love to do this. >> we do have breaking news this morning in ukraine. right now, armed gunmen patrolling the perimeter of the main airport in crimea. it's not clear who they are, local militia or much more troubling, an armed invasion by russians. >> we're getting unconfirmed reports viktor yanukovych will
3:58 am
speak in the next hour. he insists he is still the rightful leader of the ukraine and is asking russia for protection. right now, 150,000 russian troops are conducting military drills near the border with ukraine. hundreds of fighter jets, helicopters, tanks all on hand. u.s. officials warning russia to respect ukraine's sovereignty and stay out. let's get to that airport. what's the best information about who the gunmen are? >> reporter: well, it's difficult to tell. they have military fatigues on, you can see behind me. they did arrive in military vehicles. they seem to be well organized and they won't tell you who they are. russia has a significant presence on the crimean peninsula. ukraine's interior minister says that this is a clear invasion by
3:59 am
russia of ukrainian sovereign tear tory. he also says soe vast poll has been taken over and there are armed gunmen. it's difficult to tell at this stage. operations at this airport are functioning normally. we came through an hour or so ago and there was no problem at all. they seem to be going out of the restaurant building rather than doing anything threatening. >> let us know if you get more information. very confusing. we do know this, the obama administration is keeping very close tabs on the situation. scare of state john kerry says he is in direct contact with russia's foreign minister. defense secretary chuck hagel is taking a very different tact.
4:00 am
warning them to stay out of the ukraine. >> for more on this, we have a contributing editor at atlantic media. talk about a confusing situation. it feels like a very critical moment in what direction this crisis is going to go. you have two airports where they have armed gunmen, you have the ukrainian government saying it's an armed invasion by russia. what do you think this tells us? >> russia suffered a big defeat with this revolution of viktor yanukovych. i think what putin is trying to do is send a message that ukraine cannot be anti-russian. one of the leverages they have is the area of crimea. it used to be part of russia, not part of the ukraine. maybe half the people in the crimea are ethnically russian. so by stirring up some kind of
4:01 am
secession sentiment there, it's a way of sending a message to the capitol kiev, if you go too far, we're going to stir up a movement that's going to cause you a lot of problems. >> do you think that while what we're hearing from russian officials is we're going to stay out of it, we're going to respect the sovereignty of the ukraine, do you think they're ignoring the warning from the u.s.? >> i think that russia is going to influence ukraine. it's not going to allow ukraine to become an anti-russian government no matter what the united states says. and they have a history of doing this -- using this kind of leverage in the past. when georgia, another country formerly in the soviet union started to move away, they started a movement there a few years ago. i think what they're doing is sending a message to the united states that there is a limit to
4:02 am
how far we're going to let this new ukrainian government go. >> do you think there's a real concern that russia could invade at least a portion of the ukraine? do you think there's a real concern in this day and age that this is going to happen. >> my guess would be that russia would want to avoid that. from their point of view, it's to do nonmilitary things, things that they don't have their fingerprints on quite as much but would send a message to the ukrainian government. >> with that in mind, what can the u.s. do? the military involvement is not on the table. >> i think the best thing we can do for ukraine is try to stabilize it economically. it's going to be better able to resist russia and hold itself together as a western-leaning country if it's economy is not in collapse. >> i guess that's one step they
4:03 am
can help with. great to see you, peter. thank you so much. >> he made a good point reminding us about georgia. there the russians did go in. all right. also new information this morning out of washington. the national security agency may be willing to change the way it collects information on you. the chief says one option is to focus just on those domestic phone calls where a link to terror is suspected rather than collecting all phone records in general. a delay in deciding when coalition troops will leave. with the security deal diminishing they say there are two options now. waiting for hamid karzai to leave office or plan for a complete withdrawal of troops by december. new questions and confusion over whether there is a shortage of airline pilots. a new government report due out this morning says a large pool
4:04 am
of qualified pilots exists, they just don't want to work for what the airlines are offering. and today, the first batch of a massive trov of papers from the clinton white house will be released to the public. about 5,000 pages are expected today. in the next couple weeks, more than 25,000 others will be released. potentially sensitive documents relating to former first lady hillary clinton. this as she contemplates a 2016 white house run, of course. >> we're waiting for the release of 911 calls out of fort lee new jersey placed on those lane closures on the george washington bridge. new documents show two top aides to christie joking about causing traffic jams. this week is the week that's been just brutally cold just got colder and it just won't quit.
4:05 am
it feels even colder of course with the windchill. now we're gearing up for another round of snow next week. indra petersons is keeping track of all the winter weather for us. >> potential for record-breaking lows this morning. new york feels like 5 below this morning. through the afternoon, it's expected to be colder than yesterday into the northeast. temperatures 20, 25 below average. temperatures as high as below freezing today. definitely a tough story for the midwest and the east with the cold. out west, still looking at drought conditions. 26% of the state seeing the highest category of drought out there. that is key because they're looking at the biggest winter storm they've seen in three years. even a severe weather threat with isolated tornados could be out there. expected to make its way across the country. who's going to get it? it all depends on the position of the low. one dropping it farther south
4:06 am
out toward d.c. everything else you want to know, how long is it going to stay cold? by next week, temperatures going all the way to 30 below where they should be. >> let's talk about a different part of this. california, what's going on out there, it's not about the cold. it's about the rain. they need it desperately, but not like this. we went out there to cover the oscars, but she's pulling double duty. >> reporter: it really is a real story out here. in fact, people around the rest of the nation laugh when people freak out about rain coming here. the way that the terrain and climate is set up here and given the fact that they're having one of the worst droughts in modern california history, it's no joke. there was a real bad accident on
4:07 am
the 210 freeway, it was caused by this big rig hydro planing. when they haven't had rain for a long time, the oil builds up on the roads and it makes it incredibly slick. you've got a recipe for disaster. another concern is some of the areas around the foot hills as you mentioned, chris. they suffered from some really bad fires. the colby fire back in january. a lot of the area, all of the vegetation was burned away, so now there's a concern about mud slides. about a thousand people so far have already been given evacuation orders. they're concerned about the water from those hillsides which are now barren coming down and taking the land and potentially property and homes with it. so they're trying to get people out of harm's way. the reservoirs that serve the
4:08 am
laepgs area have been empty for some time now because of this drought. they're expecting about 6 inches of rain and it's going to really cause a concern because those reservoirs could fill up at a really rapid rate. there's a bunch of debris in them, so it's going to cause them to fill up even further. they're watching the dams. officials are concerned. but they're not concerned to the point that they need to take action. they are keeping an eye to see how bad the water level gets. it's kind of the plastic carpet right now. they're protecting it from the rain that continues to come down. the whole area's tented. it's no joke really because the show has to go on. they want to keep the carpet as dry as possible. >> they want to try it out so the stars don't get soggy and also don't slip obviously in some of the fabulous gowns they'll be wearing. that's the scene here in hollywood. we're hearing the rain, we're
4:09 am
feeling it. officials are hopeful though the sun's going to come out. the academy awards, 86th year will go off without a hitch. i made you a crate, chris and kate. >> it's all about the sound of which one comes first. >> thanks. all eyes on hollywood. watching a very dangerous situation play out here. 32 people in new york and new jersey face car charges including carjacking and money laundrying. officials say over 160 cars were recovered. they were going to be shipped to west africa for profits well above market price. police are still looking for six more suspects. we're also learning more about the boston emergency response in the seconds after last year's shooting at l.a.x.
4:10 am
they tell the associated press, the airport didn't provide a location. they also provided broken panic buttons. he's pleaded not guilty to 11 federal charges. kentucky could be the next state to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. hours before the order, the state attorney general asked the judge to delay its imputation for sdmpb implementation for 90 days. disney cutting off the boy scouts. they say their continued ban on gay and lesbian troop leaders violates its believes. disney has offers benefits to same-sex partners for decades. a controversial decision. an appeals court ruled a california school did not violate the constitutional
4:11 am
rights of students when they stopped them from wearing american flag t-shirts on sin co-de mayo. racial mentions were running high. the year before, a brawl nearly broke out at the school on the mechanics san holiday. and a show in the sky over the mid atlantic. this is what it looks like during a meteor shower last night visible from north carolina to maryland. the shower got social media buzzing overnight. the american meteor society said it got more than 150 reports. >> powerful moments at the white house has president obama launched what may be his most personal initiative yet. it is called, my brother's keeper. it is aimed at giving young minority men a better shot at success. the president spoke openly about the young man he once was growing up without a father.
4:12 am
take a listen. >> i didn't have ad in the house -- a dad in the house and i was angry about it although i didn't realize it at the time. i made bad choices. i got high without always thinking about the harm that it could do. >> it's a raw feel from the president we don't often get. don, you were there in the room, you got to hear the words. they affected you very deeply. what was it like in there and why? >> reporter: it was very emotional, chris. you know that conversation that you and i have at breakfast conversationally where we talk about these issues and we're honest about them? well, the president had that conversation openly yesterday in front of the world. and it was very emotional. people in the room hung on every word because they had never seen the president be so candid and speak of his childhood, about not having a father president, about not really knowing his
4:13 am
father, about meeting with these young men in chicago that he met with, and about his promise and commitment to help young men of color which he has received so much criticism that he hasn't done enough for. he said in that -- i would imagine he did as well, had become used to these statistics, these numbers about these young men falling at the bottom of -- or at the top nend depending on how you want to put it for unemployment, for encars ration and for dropping out of school. >> the worst part is we become numb to these statistics. we're not surprised by them. we take them as the norm. we just assume this is an inevitable part of american life. instead of the outrage that it
4:14 am
is [ applause ] >> reporter: so the president said that he wants to change that. and what he wants to do is take initiatives that are working like this very successful program in chicago that has helped so many young men there to get them off the street to have a male role model in their life, to get them to at least finish high school and go to college. he wants to take that and take that model around the country. so he's gotten business leaders, he's gotten civic leaders and church leaders from around the country to come together and form a consortium. in 90 days, very powerful people like magic johnson, the ford foundation and then within 90 days they will come together to try to figure out exactly what works and how they need to two forward. >> it couldn't matter more. obviously we know it's connected to so many social problems that
4:15 am
face this community and others. i know that you are moved because it matters to you a lot, not just because of the color of your skin, but the content of what you bring to covering these issues. certainly the need is great. thanks for up so early for us after working all night on it. >> thank you, chris. nba player jason collins is now wearing the number 98. this is a move -- it's attribute to matthew shepherd murdered in 1998 for being fwa. last night, he wore that jersey in front of not only the crowd, but in front of matthew's parents in denver. we sat down with him to discuss. >> i've grown so much as an individual. i've come across so many great people, great organizations, heard so many great stories, inspiring stories.
4:16 am
and it's nice to have a positive impact on someone else's life. i feel like with my actions that i've had a positive impact on someone else's life. >> now, the rest of that interview is going to air tonight on "unguarded" with rachel nichols. it will be very interesting to hear what he has to say. >> it's happening at a time that the culture is really struggling with the issue surrounding his identity. >> yep. exactly right. let's get back to hollywood for a look at what is trending at this hour. >> hollywood's trending. the toronto mayor has a dare for his city's police chief. >> if you're going to arrest me, arrest me. i have done nothing wrong and he's wasted millions of dollars. i want him to come clean and say how much money it cost the
4:17 am
taxpayers. >> reporter: he says the chief wasted money keeping an eye on him. >> a christian written industry is planning to build a replica of no wa's ark in kentucky. they debated bill nye the science guy over evolution. it is planned for construction in may. it is expected to be completed in the summer of 2016. and have you seen this? the president special the vice president getting some cardioand sfreching in at the white house. look at these guys go. notice the president is in front. it's part of our first lady's let's move fitness campaign. and because we're here in hollywood, let's find out who the favorites are. this is from win laying odds maker john. he's really feeling confident
4:18 am
about 12 years a slave. he is also loving matthew mcconaughey in dallas highers club -- buyers club. and he picks kate blanchett over sandra bullock and meryl streep. you know, they'll bet on anything. >> i want to know what their bet is if the rain will stop before the big show. >> in fact, when we go to break right now, i'm going to weigh a little action with you guys. i need to redeem myself after the canada hockey debacle. >> you have a long memory, you do. the republican party, i think finally done with ted cruz. he's been finally getting -- trying to get the tea party to raise money. what does this mean for the fup of the tea party? >> we're going to talk with steve king after the break. and here is something you almost never see or never see.
4:19 am
a look inside the supreme court as it is in session. oral arguments were secretly taped this week. they are now scrambling to figure out how that happen. of course, it's reigniting the debate whether cameras should be banned. [ male announcer ] it's surprising what your mouth goes through in a day. but what's even more surprising is that brushing alone isn't enough to keep it clean. fortunately, you've got listerine®. unlike brushing which misses 75% of your mouth, listerine® cleans virtually your entire mouth. so what are you waiting for? it's time to take your mouth to a whole new level of health. listerine®... power to your mouth™. and take the listerine® 21 day challenge. feel the difference, or your money back. ♪ so i got the new nokia lumia icon. it's got 1080p video, three times zoom, and a twenty-megapixel sensor. it's got the brightest display, so i can see what i'm shooting -- even outdoors, and 4 mics that capture incredible sound.
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4:22 am
welcome back to "new day." the tea party is celebrating its fifth birthday with its leaders fwathering to praise what they done and still plan to do. while some say the movement is losing steam, ted cruz and ran paul say not so. take a will be. >> i think the tea party is the
4:23 am
most exciting political development in decades in this country. >> if we become thethat proclai the passion of patrick henry, that also like a man coming over the hill singing, i think we'll be the dominant party. >> joining us now from washington, republican iowa congressman steve king. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> your tie is red, but i would ask you are you a republican or are you a member of the tea party? >> well, i'm absolutely both. i've been a republican all of my adult life. i think my dna goes clear back to abraham linken. that fits me right into the mold of the tea party. >> it's seeming like, though, that's not the case as much anymore, that you have to be one or the other. you have your brother senator cruz looking to raise money to
4:24 am
promote the ousting of other republicans. are you going to have to make a choice because i don't understand how you stay in the republican party if you are actively trying to hurt the republican party. >> there are a lot of open seats out there where we can bring resources and leverage to get the candidate that's a solid constitution conservative candidate. every party can upgrade some of the seats that they have. i'd like to see the political center move to the right. i'd like to see that happen within the republican conference and the united states congress. we've watched as the house itself has moved to the right as a lot of blue dog democrats were defeated because of obama care. that's not very many to stand with the people on the owe side that were eager to do so. >> what motivates people to say
4:25 am
that the tea party is on the wayne is basically that the obstructionism has gotten old. what do you think your main role is in washington when you think of why you're there? is it to keep the government from doing certain things, or is it there to pass legislation and promote things? >> i've been on both sides of this, chris. when i first came in, this is my 12th year in congress, we had a republican president, a republican majority in the house and the senate and my role was to move legislation. i thought, this is going to be easy. of course, it got a lot harder. nancy pelosi became speaker. then my job became to be an obstructionist to try to stop things of the national debt and things like obama care.
4:26 am
we're more into the position now -- we're in the job where we need to be stopping bd ideas. when we win majority of the senate and have a president that will sign it -- >> it doesn't even sound good, though, congressman. what we're here to do is to stop everything that happens. now you have this situation in the senate. i know you're in the house, but a lot of these things are mirror images of each other. the veterans bill, money for education, health care, your party trying to throw in sanctions to iran into a bill that had nothing to do with that. then they don't allow the vote. at what point do you stop playing this kind of game? it's so destructive. look what you did to the veterans. >> each one of my votes on the veterans stood up for them. there are a lot of democrats that wanted to be part of sanctions on iran too. >> why even put it in there?
4:27 am
it's not your bill. it's not even your branch. i understnd. we know there wind up being a consistency. i get fighting for your eye dels. but it has been so inefficient. when you see it taking a toll on veterans, isn't enough enough? >> i saw people that put up votes that hurt veterans that came back and said now we have to change it and fix it. i didn't have to change my vote. they had to change theirs. we should think about this, this politics. it ask a situation where republicans need to be the conscience of the spending democrats. that's just how it has been -- >> so you -- >> obstruct some things. >> you can obstruct. you've been very effective at it. respectfully i would submit to you that you need to come up with better ideas. fix the things that you don't
4:28 am
like. you know the law's to the going away. come up with better solutions. the dream act -- >> we have solution after solution on health care. >> have you really? >> yes, we have. >> what are the real solutions? >> here's some approaches i'm bringing. one is to change the 23d-hour workweek to a 40-hour workweek. it's causing people to lose 25% or more of their income. now they have to go get another part time job. maybe even four part time jobs for a mom and ad trying to raise a family. another one is full deductibility for everybody's health insurance premium. when the government demands that you buy a policy they approve and punishes you if you don't pay for that, it has to be fully deductible for e everybody. we need to open this up and restore the doctor-patient relationship. some of these ideas have been out there for a long time.
4:29 am
we got rolled by a bad piece of legislation. and we were not successful enough in obstructing obamacare. i think that will hold up across the country. obamacare has no chance if it had to come back to the floor of the house and senate again. it would not pass. we just weren't successful enough. >> now you have to fix it, though, because it is the established law of the land. you've got 4 million people signed up for it. i want to leave you with this, congressman. on the veteran issue, i know it's in the senate, but hopefully the shame campaign will begin and they'll get their act together. can i get a pledge from you that you will not play politics on this issue, you will push your brothers and sisters to do the right thing by the veterans?
4:30 am
>> i have to look and see at what comes and what the package is going to be. i will come down on the side of the veterans. and i've always opposed playing politics, with our veterans and especially our active duty personnel. we owe them to follow through on every commitment we have made. we must stand with them. and i'll weigh in to make sure that happens. >> no just standing up to keep it from happening, no taking on things that don't belong in that bill. i'll follow-up with you on it. it matters too much. >> thank you, chris. >> all right. so what do you think? you hear what the issues are. a lot of them stay the same. this veterans one matters too much to ignore it. tweet us. coming up next on "new day," inside the supreme court while it's in action. a secret recording taken during oral arguments and then posted
4:31 am
online. what many are asking now, should the courts start allowing cameras in the courtroom all the time. and also one on one with actor matthew mcconaughey. how he went from heart throb to now a serious oscar contender. e. you can separate runway ridiculousness... from fashion that flies off the shelves. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. and only national is ranked highest in car rental customer satisfaction by j.d. power. (natalie) ooooh, i like your style. (vo) so do we, business pro. so do we. go national. go like a pro.
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welcome back to "new day." here are the big stories to follow today. in southern ukraine, armed gunmen are now patrolling the main airport in crimea. it's not career if they're
4:35 am
russian supporters, or even more concerning, russian soldiers. meantime, they've assembled hundreds of planes and tanks as well. chug hay began is warning the russians to stay out. and drought striken california is now dealing with its largest rain event in three years. some 1,000 homes in the foothills outside of los angeles have been cleared out to avoid a threat of mud slides. >> caught on camera overnight, a scary explosion. a manhole blowing up in the early morning hours. shot flames, black smoke into the air. even chunks of asphalt sent into the nearby buildings. >> and it was a serious break of protocol at the nation's highest court.
4:36 am
an advocacy group films this in the supreme court which bans all cameras during its proceedings. included in the video, on outburst of protests. >> our lives on behalf of the vast majority of the american people who believe money is not speech and our democracy should not be for sale to the highest bidder. >> thaen that person was quickly removed from the courtroom. let's bring in jeffrey toobin joining me from washington. jeff, we've been in there many times. they're very particular about check you when you go through security. how do you think they pulled this off? >> you got me. it was very surprising. as you know, everybody, all the spectators go through metal
4:37 am
detectors there, including the press. it's a very serious screen. and so i'm baffled by how to worked. and the court is clearly very concerned. if you can get a camera in there, you can maybe get a weapon in there. so this guy is obviously a knuckle head. this is not an appropriate way to behave, but it's also a serious issue. and the court east going to look into it. >> it's so unusual why we bring it up. thankfully nothing more than on outburst happens. should there be cameras allowed in the courtroom in general during oral arguments. i know you think they should. why? >> many of the arguments against cameras in the courtroom involve, you know, witnesses who might be intimidated or jurors who might be bothered by it. you have no issues like that in the supreme court. it's just legal arguments.
4:38 am
it's just the lawyers who tend to be very experienced. it's just the justices. and this is the most important legal site in the united states. these issues are enormously important. it's the public less business. the four or 500 people that can get into the courtroom at a given time, that's not enough frankly. many supreme courts have cameras in them now. there's been no disruption that i'm aware of. it ain't happening any time sure, that's for sure. >> one of the reasons that is often cited from the justices on why they continue to refuse to allow cameras in the courtroom because many organizations continue to request that and renew the request ever session i would argue, they say cameras in the courtroom would drupt the personal dynamic that the justices have during oral
4:39 am
arguments that assist them in later deliberations when they're looking at these various cases. do you think cameras would disrupt that dynamic. >> let me translate that into english. what they are worried about is john stewart. they are worried that sound bites will be made fun of. you know what, too bad. that's not a good reason to keep cameras out. that's what they mean that their processes might change. they're worried about looking bad. if the first amendment means anything, it means that the public has a right to see the government in action. and the supreme court is part of the government. look, i just think it's a bad reason. but it's their candy store and they get to decide when people see it. one thing that might actually change is that, as you know, the tapes, the audio of the oral arguments are released at the end of the week every week. >> uh-huh.
4:40 am
>> i would not be surprised if the audio starts to be streamed live on the internet starting in the next few years. that would be a more modest change. i think the court might be amenable to that. but video is a whole different story and i don't see that changing any time soon. >> that might sound like a really simple thing and a small change. that would be huge in supreme court terms because of their long history of -- they are very strict on tradition and protocol. if you've ever sat through one of the oral arguments, you see that on a daily basis. >> it wouldn't change the courtroom at all. they all sit in front of microphones. no difference in how they conduct their business. the one thing i have to say in defense of the justices, although i disagree with them on this issue, is that they care deeply about the institution,
4:41 am
about how it looks. and if you put cameras in that famous courtroom, it would look different. all of which would change the proceedings somewhat. >> so i understand their hesitancy. live streaming of audio wouldn't change anything at all. >> as you and i have sat through many of the oral arguments. i think people will find you're probably not going to listen to it all so much when you get a chance toe. they get deep into legal analysis. >> right. as we all know, there are eight justices who are very engaged and ask lots of hard questions. they are deeply em mersed in the minutia of these cases. there are a lot of pretty borrowing cases. i don't kpptd expect that it would be huge it hads on youtube. >> i would agree.
4:42 am
>> but it would be better for everybody to have the chance. >> coming up on "new day," a must-see one on one interview with oscar nominee matthew mcconaughey. he's become a serious hollywood heavy weight. how he's seemed to pull it off as easily as he used to pull off his shirt. and dogs that need homes and online praise. we're going to tell you about it. these don't look clean.
4:43 am
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4:45 am
welcome back. and we are live in hollywood. it's always a party here. now it's a party of two. nischelle turner, my kwirl is here with me -- girl is here with me on a soggy red carpet. we know looking ahead to the oscars, some of the races are
4:46 am
kind of type. one of them of course is the male actor matthew mcconaughey is a clear front runner in a lot of people's eyes. not bad for a guy who used to be known for romantic comedies, taking off his shirt. >> it wasn't bad at all. i think we should be calling this like raining on prom night. that's what i feel like singing. this time is matthew mcconaughey's renaissance. when they get these nominations, they try to play very cool. but not matthew mcconaughey. he is happy to be on this stage. >> i ain't selling drugs i'm selling memberships. welcome to the dallas buyers club. >> the star is loving this.
4:47 am
>> i've been doing this for 22 years. first time really going around an award season with a film and performance that's had some light shown on it. i am enjoying it. >> matthew mcconaughey, one time king of the romantic comedy now proving his a hollywood heavy weight. >> was it is conscious decision by you to say let me pull away from those and kind of move toward -- >> yeah. i didn't know exactly what i was going to move towards, but i had a good sense on i needed to pull back on what i had been doing. i didn't work for two years. i think i became some people's new fresh good idea. and i went to work. >> they got goods out of mexico that's better than you can get out of the states. >> dallas buyers club wasn't an
4:48 am
easy sell. hollywood turned the film down more than 100 times before mcconaughey finally got it made. you said a time or two even to me you said this movie is aboutlity. wood rough was a man who celebrated life. >> well, he fought for life. i don't know if he was celebrating it but he did, you know, everything he could. i know times myself you're faced with death or someone near you dies, you start grabbing a whole lot more out of life immediately after that. >> and that seems to be exactly what he's doing while still taking time to remember how he got here. >> when did you first know, i want to be an actor? >> think it was about a week and a half into shooting my first film. it was supposed to shoot for three days. there was three scenes with a
4:49 am
few lines and the director kept inviting me back. people were coming up and saying hey, you're good at this. i said, i would love to do this. is this legal? >> mcconaughey's a charmer with an easy laugh and a knack for telling a good story. at the end of every good meal you have a little fortune. advice is like kissing. what's the best advice you ever received? >> i'm going to say do it with pleasure. >> it's been a pleasure. >> thank you sir. i'll see you oscar night. >> i think you were trying to get a kiss out of matthew mcconaughey. >> i cannot confirm nor deny. >> he was once the king of the romantic comedy and now he's really doing some very good
4:50 am
work. like you heard him say, it was on purpose. he knew it was time for him to take another look at what he was doing. it's going to be interesting what happens. >> you get more phone calls if you get a win. that just ups your -- >> absolutely. don't forget he's had a very good year. wolf of wall street. he was the scene steeler in that -- stealer in that film. and mud where he plays a tree-dwelling fugitive that started everyone thinking he's different now. he's had a good year. >> he's catch the entire is interview with matthew mcconaughey, that's going to air tonight 10:00 eastern on cnn. wait that's 7:00 p.m. on the west coast. since we're here we have to recognize. also if you're watching the
4:51 am
oscars and you want to chat with us a little bit about what's happening tweet us at "new day". let us know what you're thinking. share with us. maybe we'll live tweet you back. that will be fun. we'll get on our twitter machines. >> the twit machine. >> thanks, guys. let's take another break. coming up next on "new day" putting selfies to good use. how is that possible? how they are helping shelter dogs find homes with a little help from photo shop. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. a steel cage: death match of midsize sedans. [ bottle ] ensure®. the volkswagen passat against all comers. turbocharged engines against...engines. best in class rear legroom against other-class legroom. but then we realized. consumers already did that.
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♪ i love this song.
4:55 am
>> great song. welcome back to "new day," everyone. get ready for the latest internet craze. you take all those selfies, add in a pup that needs a good home and you have mutt bombing. >> reporter: introducing ethan the poster boy for mutt bombing. >> it's been great. >> reporter: it's a new way to get people to adopt pets. marketing agency working with the none profit dallas pets alive is selecting fun selfies from instagram and photo shopping in dogs that need homes. they really started getting attention when they mutt bombed celebrities ranging from kim kardashian to miley cyrus to morning talk show co-host kathy lee and hoda. but so far ethan is the star. >> he mutt bombed jimmy fallon.
4:56 am
>> reporter: fallon instagramed a selfie after ethan pierced fallon's ear, really. dallas pets alive mutt bomb fallon with ethan wearing his own photo shop earring and the caption dude check us out we're like fluffy piercing bros, i'm ethan and mutt bombing you in hopes of finding a home. so far -- >> no word from jimmy fallon. >> reporter: but he attracted two applicants who wanted to adopt him. it's not just stars, john berger instagram this selfie on horseback. in a couple of days it came back. the dog is named royce and john said he can't adopt a pet right now he loves the way they are using social media. >> get tired of the thousands of sad pictures of dogs in kennels.
4:57 am
doing it this way makes it cute and makes it funny. >> reporter: the idea isn't so much for the person who gets mutt bombed, necessarily adopt a pet but rather for the photo be shared, to spread the word from a dog reflected in sunglasses to a pup doing the doggie paddle under water, dallas pets alive says mutt bombing increased their web traffic 700% the first week. and they soon had ten applications for adoptions. photo bomb this, why don't you? ethan answered with a question, does cnn stand in for canine news network? ethan isn't just a looker. >> he's a licker. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. not just a looker, he's a licker. >> cnn has gone to the dogs. >> good use of that one. >> coming up on "new day" giving hope to young minorities. a new initiative from president obama to help minority boys.
4:58 am
we'll talk to white house senior adviser about why the president seemed more raw than we've seen him maybe ever. no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation. get professionally monitored security for just $29.99 a month. with limited availability in select markets. ♪ afghanistan, in 2009. orbiting the moon in 1971. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection. and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy.
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daddy! you're not just looking for a house. you're looking for a place for your life to happen. it's dangerous. i feel bad for the people. >> happening now, temperatures nose dive across the east. the midwest battling 40 below. on the west coast they need rain but not this much. not all at once. communities being evacuated as flooding fears spread. breaking news, claims of an invasion. the ukrainian government says the russian military has sent armed men to one of its are
5:02 am
airports, the world now watching to figure out just what is going on. time for oscar. we're live in hollywood at the start of the biggest weekend in entertainment. everything you need to know about the big show. who will win and if they don't how much will they walk away with in that free gift bag. i'm telling you you won't believe it. >> your "new day" continues right now. good morning and welcome once again to "new day" everyone. it's friday, february 28th, 8:00 in the east. just keep reminding yourself like we are spring is right around the concern. before we get there some places will break some new winter records. temperatures are going to drop 30 below normal in some areas and on top of all of it more snow is in the forecast for early next week. indra petersons is here with the details. >> we were all talk about how miserable this winter was even before this latest arctic blast. the northeast waking up with
5:03 am
wind chills feeling like below zero. new york city feels like minus 5. boston feels like 6 below. even as we warm up we're talking about feeling below freezing. 30 degrees below where we should be. it's not even the big headlining story it's about what's going on out west. why? biggesting drought they've ever seen, 26% of the state. now they are looking for the biggest rain storm they've seen in three years. the ground can't handle it. it acts like concrete. the water will run off and huge flooding concerns. once it makes its way across the country it will be a snow maker sunday and monday. who will get the heaviest snow that's the big question. maybe the northeast. one brings it further south towards the mid-atlantic. we have to northern to see where this guy goes once it exits california. it's staying cold for some time. still another reinforcing blast of cold air. for oscar sunday the storm is
5:04 am
supposed to be gone by 10:00 a.m. let's revisit the first part of the story, cold in the east, drought in the west. california is facing a historic drought situation, but the soggy irony is the rain coming won't help. just too much all at once as much of the state expected to get hammered over the next couple of days with heavy rain and snow. that could spell disaster in that mudslide prone area with the foot hills east of l.a. michaela pereira went out there to cover the oscars but the news comes first. >> reporter: that old saying chris be careful what you wish for. california needed rain desperately. here it comes. right now so much of it, so fast all at once it's expected and that's what's putting folks on alert. officials and residents on high alert overnight as the latest pacific storm system threatens to wreak havoc on the west coast. dumping up to six inches of rain
5:05 am
on to dry parched land in california. instead of drought relief, the deluge may bring dangerous flash floods and mudslides. >> we won't be dragging people out of their homes but we recommend they heed the warnings. >> reporter: residents just below these hills were ordered to evacuate. the fires that burned out trees left the land vulnerable. residents are hoping their prep work, sand bagging and building barricades will pay off and protect their homes. the driest part of california will need over 15 inches of rain to bounce back from the devastating drought but too much all at once could be disastrous. this semi lot of control on interstate 210. the rain causing a nightmare on the roads. severe weather is putting a damper on oscar preparations. but storms are expected to move out in time for the stars to hit the red carpet sunday night. back here live on the red carpet
5:06 am
in hollywood it is soggy and there's a lot of people, all hands on deck trying to keep this rain off the red carpet which is tented. there's plastic over the 600 feet of red carpet that the stars will walk down. there's guys here whose sole job is to use big sticks to lift up the tent to get the rain off of it so it won't weigh it down and threaten a collapse. they put special gutters alongside the red carpet to redirect that rain. they don't want it soggy or wet they need to it dry out before sunday, obviously. back to some of the conditions out there, one area, glendora, there was a great concern about mudslide fears. they placed an evacuation order. there was 1,000 homes that were ordered a mandatory evacuation. we're told only 25% of the people fold evacuation order. the rest had to sign a refusal to evacuate form. a lot of people choose to.
5:07 am
it's not something we suggest but people want to protect their property. that's the latest here on the soggy red carpet for oscars on sunday. we're keeping an eye on it. staying dry. we're keeping an eye on conditions because we know it's a concern. >> we'll check back in with you little bit. nearly after a week of having fleed, of having fleed his country, viktor yanukovych has turned up in russia. all right. we're hearing he could speak out at any time. meanwhile back in southern ukraine, armed gunmen are patrolling two airports there now. ukraine's foreign minister said it's the result of an armed invasion from russia. that is not confirmed. let's get reporting from the ground right now. phil black in kiev. phil what's the latest about the identity of these people? >> reporter: well, chris, good morning. some of these gunmen look and sound like local civilian
5:08 am
militia but others appear to be far more professional and the ukrainian government believes they are russian soldiers, military personnel deployed from a nearby naval base and that's why they are calling this an invasion. overnight dozens of armed pro russian forces seized control at the international airport and military airport in ukraine's can crimea region. as the crisis in you katrina deepens the fugitive president is expected to emerge from the shadows. a week after being ousted this morning reports that humiliated leader will hold a news conference in russia, his announcement likely to echo the indignation of pro russian demonstrators against ukraine's new interim government. on thursday, viktor yanukovych told russian news agency that the parliament's activity is
5:09 am
quote, illegitimate. his defiance comes as the opposition leader takes charge. voted into the seat of prime minister -- >> we'll do everything and use all legal means to stabilize the situation in crimea. >> reporter: he's concerned about images like these in crimea. pro russian demonstrators chanting outside the encampment overnight on thursday. the last stronghold to the opposition. this embattled region near the border representing a country divided. where many in the west want to increase ties with europe while some in the east want to rejoin russia. just over the border russia continues to ratchet up their military exercises. positioning fighter jets along their western borders and deploying armored personnel carriers in crimea. >> i expect russia to be transparent about these activities and i urge them not
5:10 am
to take any steps that could be misinterpreted. >> reporter: the latest information, multiple ukrainian media out lets are reporting seeing russian military aircraft, helicopters flying through ukrainian airspace towards the direction of one of these airports that is now currently surrounded by pro russian government. kate, back to you. >> phil, thank you very much. let's discuss more about this unstable situation going on in the ukraine and what it means for the united states. for that let's turn to michael mcfall, outgoing ambassador to russia and just left a couple of days ago. mr. ambassador, thank you very much for waking up early. i'm sure you're dealing with a significant time change as you just returned to the united states. i want to ask you about what phil black just said that there are several ukrainian media reports that russian military aircraft are flying through ukraine's airspace.
5:11 am
what do you make of that? that seems to be heightening tensions, ratcheting things up even more than previously thought. >> well, this is just being reported as i drove over here so i don't want to confirm it yet. if it's true, obviously, it's a major escalation in what russia is doing inside the ukraine but even if it's not true it's a very dangerous situation, extremely tense. you have soldiers with guns very well armed in crimea, a part of ukraine saying they want to be, are now loyal to russia. very, very dire situation, it reminds me unfortunately of other parts of the former soviet union where you had breakaway regions that were in this kind of suspended sovereignty, neither here nor there that led to conflict, i'm thinking principally of georgia in august of 2008. i'm quite nervous about what's happening there right now. >> when you look at what's
5:12 am
happening on the ground there seems to be at least some confusion if not a complete disconnect of what you're hearing from officials. the russian foreign minister is saying they will stay out of the ukraine. his terminology they will respect territorial integrity. when you hear that and then see the images do you believe him? >> well the idea of respecting territorial integrity is an international norm that president putin and foreign minister have often talked about usually in criticism of the united states and western countries. obviously, in previous times and georgia comes to mind in 2008, when they deem it to be in their national interest they will violate that norm. this is a very uncertain time when there's more ambiguity because there are russians, ethnic russians in crimea not citizens of russia, but ethnic russians that pledged their loyalty to russia and the russian media is calling the soldiers that are at these two
5:13 am
airports right now self-defense units, that is kind of local militias that are helping to defend the ethnic russians in crimea. either way it's a revolutionary situation that needs handled very delicately. nothing could be worse than an all in all combat between ethnic russians and ethnic ukrainians in crimea. >> with that in mind and as you just are leaving your post at this critical moment you truly have a more unique perspective on the situation than any. what do you see as russia, more importantly, vladimir putin's end goal here? >> well, the first thing to understand is that they were extremely disappointed with president viktor yanukovych. in their mind he was weak, he should have used force to remain in power and that he fled and as you just reported he'll shortly be doing his first press conference from russia. that's a real sign of weakness from their point of view. second, they see what's
5:14 am
happening in the ukraine as something that could bleed into russia. they call it the ukrainian virus and, therefore, they are extremely concerned about what the outcome might be and how it might affect domestic politics in russia. third they want ukraine to be part of what they call the eurasia union. if ukraine does not go that way it will be a big blow to that dream that he has. but fourth i would also remind people that putin is pragmatic. he's not a risk taker. and i think, therefore, we need to leverage that and to make sure that he understands the consequences of genuine all in out russian military invasion of ukraine. that's not a scenario that neither the west or russia desires. >> i want to get your take on what those consequences should
5:15 am
be but as we continue our discussion i want to show you some live images of the former president of ukraine, viktor yanukovych. he is speaking live now and in part of his comments he did say he was going to continue to fight. he's in moscow. he's making these comments the first time we're seeing him since he fled. what should the ukraine, the u.s. and european allies take from this, do you think? >> well, it means he's done as a leader in ukraine. and, you know, just a week ago there was an agreement that had been signed by him and the opposition supported by europe that could have led to a negotiation. >> but the fact that he's making these colts from russia, mr. ambassador, the country that you helped engineer for the obama administration to reset policy, how does this influence the u.s./russia relations now? >> well, for the united states it's crystal clear.
5:16 am
we want to support a peaceful negotiation for new free and fair elections to elect a new president. viktor yanukovych is done. he's not in kiev. i don't see any scenario that he comes back. that's our first priority. and second, we need to de-escalate the tensions in crimea working with russia. we don't have a choice. we have to do this as part of the international community. >> thank you very much, mr. ambassador for coming on. i know it's very early for you out there in california. i hope to have you on again soon as we watch this truly play out in real-time and are uncertain where things will turn in the ukraine on any given moment. thanks so much. welcome home. >> thank you. chris? let's talk about a different type of crisis right now that's going on right here at home. remember this? what a moment, right? sergeant cory, at the state of the union. they say it could be the longest standing ovation anyone remember
5:17 am
there's. left and right standing, clapping, joined together. seeing him as the face, right, the face of what? veterans in need. some of the most extreme need. we all say we support the troops, right? they stood there, they said they would join, united by him. and what he means. what all veterans mean. why am i saying it that way? because here's the real deal. yesterday the senate took up a bill for veterans like cory. $21 billion bill brought by independent bernie sanders and suppose toimd prove veterans access to health care, education and job training. who is going to disagree with that. they are all areas of need. should have sailed through, right? okay. here's what happened. senate republicans tried to tack on additional sanctions against iran on the bill. now sanctions that some democrats support but wouldn't tack on this bill especially when president obama is trying to give diplomacy a chance. republicans claimed the democrats were needlessly shutting us out of the process
5:18 am
trying to glory hunt for themselves here so the bill's sponsor in the end had to literally beg for the gridlock to end. take a listen. >> please do not inject extraneous issues in here for political reasons. that's unfair to the veterans of this country. >> no kidding. but guess what happened? you guessed it. nothing. 41 of 45 republicans voted against it. democrats could not get the votes to overcome. and could not foster cooperation. republicans simply do what they do best these days they blocked. but blocking our veterans? i don't have to tell you that's outrageous, i know you feel it. the question is what are you going to do about it. you love to take to twitter and social media to complain about the sligtest things. take to twitter and complain about it. use the #helpvets. remember that moment, coreies remsburg. his amazing recovery. people standing saying they care
5:19 am
about the troops. not just those like cory the ones who need jobs opportunity, families left behind making it work while others are fighting for our freedoms. remember what just happened and do something about it. kate. thank you, chris. coming up next on "new day" president obama emotional and unusually candid as he launch as new initiative to help young minority men. we'll ask white house senior adviser valerie jarrett why the initiative called my brother's keeper hit so close to home for the commander-in-chief. [ ostad ] most people have never even heard of acid erosion. there's a lot of fruits and drinks that have acids in them that you might not know about. salad dressings, raspberries, strawberries... they all have acid in them, and it's working at your enamel. once the enamel is gone, it's gone.
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5:22 am
it was a candid and very personal plea. president obama announcing an
5:23 am
initiative aimed at creating opportunities for young minority men called my brother's keeper and in laying out the plan the president spoke openly about his own childhood and mistakes he made and growing up without a father and really seem to resonate with people in the room. let's bring one person who there was, senior adviser to obama at the white house, valerie jarrett. thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. good morning. >> pleasure is mine. what made this different to you? >> well, i think -- let's remember as the president reflected on yesterday, he grew up with a single mom. he talked about the trouble that he got into, and the anger that he had, that he had to work through and so he really connected with those young men who were standing behind him and so many boys and men around the country who are in less forgiving environments than the one that the president grew up in. it's deeply personal and he understands what an amazing role model he is particularly when he's so honest about his beginning. and he mentioned that when he
5:24 am
met with those men from becoming a man in chicago this time last year one of them finished talking to his life, are you talking about yourself? you did all that stuff? i think it was a very special day, deeply personal for him and i think that he galvanized an enormous amount of support from the philanthropy community, the business community, everyone who is engaged to help these men to reach their dreams. >> when you hear black young kids saying that part of becoming a man is leaving behind childish things and they think as part of childhood that should include gun violence and gang banging and drug trade. it was sobering too many see that as part of childhood. one thing that doesn't often happen from leaders or even black leaders is to put onus on young black men, to put blame on their condition and to challenge them. the president did that as well.
5:25 am
how did it go over? >> i don't think he put blame. he said we all have responsibility to be disciplined and treat women with respect and work hard and stay in school and achieve your dreams and that society has a responsibility to help young people do that. so it wasn't so much blame at all, it was really encouraging them to strive and reach for your dreams. there was a young man that the president recognized named mo who works right here at the white house and what mo said to me the day before is children will meet the expectations that adults set for them. and so part of the president's message is as parents, as aunts and uncles and grandparents and faith leaders and everyone that is around a child's life set those high expectations. there's nothing wrong with the children. they just need adults to help them aspire to their dreams and what the president believes in every child regardless of zip code should have that equal opportunity for success. yes they do have to work hard
5:26 am
and act responsibly and play by the rules but we need to teach them how to do that. >> it's interesting. you were on with bill o'reilly the other night. watched it. always interesting to see that type of dynamic. he made an interesting point to you. he said that you can't just call out the system, you can't even call out the kids and tell them to be responsible, you have to call out the entertainers they look up to and push those men and women to do better. he named jay-z and a couple of others saying you have to stop with the gangster lyrics, some glorifing materialism. you didn't give him a straight answer on that. but do you think that's something the president would do turn to that community and say do better? >> my point to mr. o'reilly was this. don't under estimate the children. those young men in the room yesterday looked up to the president and many other leaders that were there. i think we need just to figure out how to have a positive message and encourage positive behavior and get people to be
5:27 am
role models for the children and if that's a very effective way of helping them grow up. you know, if people want to encourage many musicians who are great leaders and wonderful inspirations for children, that's important too. but i don't think anybody is off the hook. i think everybody has to accept responsibility for these young people and do everything we can to help them succeed. >> fear criticism that the president should have done this sooner so close to his heart he understands the conditions so well. why only now? >> well we have been working on this for a while and the fact that we were able to announce yesterday that foundations have already invested $150 million and that they are prepared to invest an additional $200 million that's as a result of a lot of hard work. bringing our nays's largest foundations to table. we had many members of the business community who were very supportive. yesterday was the launch of this new initiative. a new approach. but it's based on evidence. it's based on research. it's based on due daiiligencdil.
5:28 am
it takes some time. >> valerie jarrett good to see you. appreciate it. >> take care, chris. coming up next on "new day" an arizona lawmaker maybe not as funny as he thinks igniting another controversy in that state for jokes he made about hispanics. so what did he say? that's ahead. also who will be heading home with oscar this sunday. we're live on the red carpet in hollywood for some academy award predictions. [ tires screech ] [ car alarm chirps ] ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify
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5:32 am
down. he blamed the west for his country's crisis. this just hours after two airports in southern ukraine were surrounded by unknown gunmen. fears of mudslides in california this morning as torrential rain were expected in the drought stricken state. 1,000 homes have been evacuated in foot hills east of los angeles. new 911 calls due out from those george washington bridge lane closures. part of the bridgegate investigation into new jersey governor chris christie. set to be released today the first of more than 30,000 pages of documents from bill clinton's presidency. they had been under wraps for more than 12 years and could have implications for hillary clinton if she runs for president in 2016. and running is allowed inside the house. the white house to be exact. the administration putting out this video of the president and vp bitten taking a jog. part of the first lady's let's move initiative. >> you don't know, that's how we race up here every morning.
5:33 am
>> we sprint. >> i win. >> they were jogging. we're always updating the five things you need to know. go to for the latest. let's get back to hollywood where michaela pereira is, where she belongs on the red carpet for a preview of this weekend's academy awards. hello, beautiful. >> reporter: hello handsome, hello beautiful. you two are always competing. we're many hours away from the oscars and if you're at home and thinking hey i got a bracket at the office i didn't fill out about who will win, we brought two of the midwest industry experts with their top picks in the big five. the five things you need to know four "new day". here's the top five coordination you need to know. we have joseph katz. you almost drowned on your way. big weekend. this is kind of your super bowl
5:34 am
sunday. >> without question. yeah. >> should we go through the coordination. let's start with best pick. it is a tough field. if we look at the films nominated great films this year. some are saying it might be a three way tie. >> i absolutely think this is the tightest race for best picture i've seen in years. we won't know what will win until they open the envelope. it's "american hustle," "gravity" and 12 years a slave. my pick is "gravity" in a squeaker. >> joseph, agree or disagree? >> agree. nothing to add to that but "gravity" but this is the only race out of the major categories that's a nail-biter. >> is it the fact it has general consensus, wildly viewed, has more commercial appeal than say "12 years as a slave". >> a lot of voters didn't watch 12 years a slave. they were afraid of it. "gravity" is a huge hit. but ate break through.
5:35 am
it's a movie that people that make movies can admire. >> let's move on to the next category, best actor. do you think it could finally be leo's year this year? >> i think leo's performance was amazing but i don't see any equation on sunday night that matthew mcconaughey is not walking up to the podium to collect the oscar. >> nischelle turner our entertainment correspondent was talking about what a tremendous turn it has been and what a terrific range. how about you, pete, do you agree with his assessment? >> it's matthew mcconaughey not only for dallas buyer's club you want he's also in "wold of wall street". and "mud" and on sunday every sunday. >> how much does that matter, do you think, joseph that people, voters specifically have seen a lot of matthew mcconaughey this year? >> they were saying that the true detective series coming out actually helped his oscar campaign. >> let's go to the ladies
5:36 am
stacked field, meryl strep. >> this was decided in july when blew julian assan "blue jasmine". this was a phenomenal performance by cate blanchett. i don't think she can lose. >> a bit of controversy surrounding the film's director. who you that have affected the voters. >> when cate blanchett went on the record and addressed it, it was very classy how she approached the subject. i don't think there's anything that would stop again her from winning the oscar. >> best supporting actor. first time for a somalia actor to be nominated in "captain phillips". who is your pick. >> it's jared lado.
5:37 am
>> every single indicator up to this point he has swept. there's no reason why he would not be taking on the statue on sunday night. >> some of the precursors to oscars haven't been in agreement. is this one where you think they pointed him to winning. >> almost all of them. the british academy award, jared was not nominated. it's a transformative performance like matthew mcconaughey. he lost a lot of weight. he looks great as a women too. >> you guys are in agreement on so many of these. last but not least, this is also another category that has tremendous performances from names that we know. best supporting actress, pete we'll start with you. >> i'm going with jennifer lawrence. i think she's terrific in that picture. but also lupido in 12 years a slave. but jennifer showed another side of her talent.
5:38 am
she won last year. she's 23 years old. she can have back-to-back oscars. >> she has a great future ahead of her. >> i pick lupida. i have to agree with pete where jennifer lawrence is america's sweetheart and academy sweetheart. >> like you said, it's interesting that there's some debate. i think it will be a great show. ellen degeneres. >> it's a safer choice than seth mcfarlane who was a little edgier. i had a great time with him. would have loved to see what he had to say about "wold of wall street". >> where will you be watching? >> i'll be watching from was to and then we'll head out to parties afterwards. >> i'll be right here, inside the dolby theater tweeting away. >> speaking of tweeting, we want to hear what you folks at home. you've seen these films. haven't seen some of the other
5:39 am
ones. we want to hear your opinions as oscars are happening. you can tweet to us at "new day". in fact i sent out a tweet with both of you in it. we can get in on the conversation. it's like a super bowl for hollywood. >> absolutely. >> let's hope it's a dry one. okay. you got to do a rain dance, say a prayer whatever you believe in, baby. joseph, pete, really great. thanks so much. chris, now we can do our bracket because i'm ready. i'm informed. >> you've done your research. no bets. coming up on "new day" arizona in the headlines again, now a state lawmaker is in hot water for making some controversial comments at a roast. we got tapes and the fall out. that allows you to eat all that you can. the hotel gym is short for gymnasium. the hotel pool is usually filled with water. and the best dot com for booking hotels, is
5:40 am
it's on the internet, but you probably knew that. or maybe not, i don't really know you. bellman: welcome back, captain obvious. captain obvious: yes i am. all those words are spelled correctly.
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welcome back. arizona is still in the headlines this morning. this time for what a state lawmaker said at a roast for one of the most prominent law men in the state. jack kavanaugh is bringing up another hot button issue, immigration and what he said is bringing outrage. >> reporter: a raciallying charged roast garnering negative attention for arizona. >> sheriff joe is the kinds of guy you got to love as long as you have papers. >> reporter: civil rights and community leaders are outraged as he used off color jokes to roast sheriff joe. >> going out with sheriff joe is always an adventure.
5:44 am
usually when we walk into a restaurant most of the wait staff and cooks dive out the window. >> reporter: the southern poverty law center condemns the roast. >> a lot of people claim that sb 1062 is going to cause discrimination based upon religion in arizona. i scoffed at that until tonight. when a muslim waiter serving up here walked up to sheriff joe, wouldn't give him his dinner because he says i don't serve slime. >> reporter: he was a supporter of the immigration law in 2010. he declined to speak with cnn said the statements i maid were satirical comedy. did this roast go too far? >> it was a roast.
5:45 am
john kavanaugh is my friend. he's not a racist. there's a double standard around here. everybody is talking about him. what about the activists and these civil rights that call mena decide and hitler. why isn't there an uproar about calling me every name in the book. why are they worried about some roast? >> yes. all right. coming up next on "new day" -- it does matter when you tell jokes. coming up next on "new day" sure it's an honor being nominated but there are no losers on oscar night. wait until you see what the stars will be going home with in those gift bags. i got to go back to hollywood. >> i'm sure they will report them on their taxes. ♪ honestly? i wanted a smartphone that shoots great video.
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5:50 am
the other nominees will have plenty to console themselves with on oscar night. a time for stars and designers really to shine. it's hollywood's biggest night. celebrity after celebrity strutting their stuff on the red carpet. everyone is buzzing, of course, who will win but all eyes is on who they are wearing. the biggest perks for stars, everything is on loan. for designers it's all about exposing their brand. >> someone will never probably not buy the red carpet dress but they will buy a shoe, a handbag, you know, there's so many things that people can have access to that will be about the brand. >> reporter: marilyn monroe famously saying -- ♪ diamonds are a girl's best friend ♪ . >> what makes these over the top expensive is the jewelry. this is stunning. all over a million dollars what meagan is wearing today. this is ring is $400,000.
5:51 am
the earrings are 325. the bangles are 50,000. ruby in the middle well over a million dollars for that oscar look. >> reporter: movie studios pick up the rest of the tab. >> it's promotion. that's what the oscars are about period. that the oscars can happen. a week later you see a spike in movie sales from the movies that were nominated. >> reporter: don't feel sorry for nominees that go home without an oscar. they take home a gift bag worth $85,000. >> the most expensive product is a $16,000 hair transplant procedure from dr. yates. one of the country's leading hair restoration surgeons. >> reporter: everyone wins gift bag includes everything from artwork to luxurious trips to hawaii and japan. for the companies giving stuff away the oscar gift bag can result sales at the cash register. >> this year bee free honey which is one of the least
5:52 am
expensive items said they had a record setting week of sales just from the buzz going around town and sequester net about the oscar gifts. >> reporter: the only money the stars are shelling out are taxes on their oscar gifts. yeah, one cal sam wants his piece of that pie. back here on the red carpet, i had this moment where i realized i'll be standing in the very same spot as meryl andona. we're the only ones here besides our spannic language tnt friends. >> we're contemplating -- >> how about you guys? where will you watch the show >> i'll be snuggling on my couch as any good morning anchor should as she watches michaela pereira do the heavy-lifting.
5:53 am
>> i'll be watching it interspersed screaming at my kids to go to sleep. >> of course. >> they will scream at you to go to sleep. we'll be here on monday and have more coverage after the big show, talk about the wins, the losses, the oversights. we'll talk about it all. it will be a great weekend and i proclaim it will be sunny on sunday. >> all right. you say weather listens. we will see. she says winners and losers, there are no losers when you get a gift bag like that. bring one home for us. let's turn to cnn hero of the week. mark is working to help the poor have a real home. here take a look at it. >> i'm very emotional right now. i'm so glad things are starting to turn around. like five years. me and my kids had nowhere to go. we just had to go from place to place. we moved in here with nothing.
5:54 am
when i see my children on the floor going to bed, it hurts me. okay. hi. >> there's no stability and no dignity when you live in apartments that have nothing in them. anything you want in here you put your sticker on and that's what you guys will take home. >> okay. once we get the homes furnished they have a chance to take a breath and start to create a different life. you pick up the furniture and other home goods from people who have more than they need and we distribute them free of charge to people who have nothing. >> something to sit on. something to lay on. now my kids can pursue their dreams. >> this is a good start. >> yes. >> right? >> i help people find hope that was missing from their lives. >> love you. good night. >> and the opportunity they did not know was before them. good reminder of what is
5:55 am
really important in life, right? go to to nominate your hero. coming up the american flag certainly not trash. and one sanitation worker is now being hailed as a hero because of how he recognized it. we'll tell you in the good stuff. ♪ the men who died who gave that the right you and me ♪ ♪ and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her ♪ could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.s everybody knows that. well, did you know that when a tree falls in the forest and no one's around, it does make a sound? ohhh...ugh. geico. little help here. i need>>that's my geico digital insurance id card - gots all my pertinents on it and such.
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5:58 am
♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ time for the good stuff.
5:59 am
oregon sanitation worker jeremy is proud to be an american. he sees a wet flag near his can. he picked up the flag and folded it as well as any honor guard member could. >> there's a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hope and a lot of other stuff that is the american flag. and i figured since so many people have died for that, the least i could do was pick it up. >> he did it with some real sensitivity to the flag and he did it correctly and didn't ask for any credit. he didn't tell a soul. turns out a homeowner spotted him folding the flag, told the company which pulled the surveillance video from the truck and has since gone viral. who threw out the american flag. it's not legal. no one was trying to. it blew off a neighbor's flagpole and overjoyed to get it back. >> oh, really. perfect. >> i want everyone to feel the
6:00 am
respect that this young man had for his country. >> yes. she got her flag back. she's happy. jeremy is a good man and certainly the good stuff. >> all the good stuff because no one was trying to throw it away. >> that it is for us and michaela pereira will be pulling double duty. fun weekend ahead. we'll see you on monday. have a great time. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> thanks a lot. have a great weekend. "newsroom" starts right now. happening now in the "newsroom" high alert. >> we strongly recommend that they heed the warnings of the experts. >> evacuations ordered in california. flash floods, disastrous mudslides. six inches of rain in just hours. also, former ukrainian president breaking his silence as his country erupts.